Innovation in medical devices


At INCLODE we believe that innovation is a fundamental tool to improve the quality of life of patients, simplify professional technique and reduce health costs. Intimate understanding of biological processes is the key to developing minimally invasive medical devices with great clinical effectiveness.


Our purpose is to develop, manufacture and market medical devices with a global scope, with a high impact on the welfare of patients, the standardization of professional technique and the optimization of health resources.


During his time at medical school, every time that Pablo Luchetti witnessed surgery, he was surprised that the closure of the skin still depended on an artisanal and invasive technique such as suturing.
Tensile strength and precision are the two fundamental pillars for wound closure. Suturing techniques address these demands, but at the expense of additional damage and complex surgeon training.
An alternative, minimally invasive and easily learned technique was needed. The first challenge was to disperse the tensile force from the wound edges and transfer it to the surrounding skin surface.
The second big challenge was to obtain a cast of the intact skin, prior to cutting. This copy had to be stored in the elastic memory of the device so that it could later be reproduced accurately at the time of closure. Thus arose the concept of INCLODE: a self-adhesive patch with a built-in closure mechanism.
The next big challenge was to find materials and design capable of copying and reproducing intact skin. Since then, Luciano Poggi joined the project to handle technical product decisions and Diego Fridman partnered to communicate scientific evidence and establish partnerships with external healthcare professionals


Pablo Luchetti, CRC

Founder and Project Leader

Clinical Research Coordinator at Centro de Estudios Infectológicos. Owner and Legal Manager of the Innomed Argentina Consortium. Monitor at Comité de Ética en Investigación Clínica (CEIC).

Luciano Poggi, ID

Co-founder and Product Manager

Industrial Designer specialized in Strategic Project Management and Strategic Innovation Management. External consultant at National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI) and Centro Metropolitano de Diseño la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Founder of Estudio DSP – Design, Strategy and Planning.

Diego Fridman MD/MSC

Co-founder and Medical Director

Medical Doctor with experience in clinical and epidemiological research. Director at Department of Clinical Research at Fundación del Centro de Estudios Infectológicos (FUNCEI). Chairman at Comité de Ética en Investigación Clínica (CEIC). President at Executive Committee at International Medical Geology Association (IMGA).


INCLODE has been recognized for its innovation, socio-economic impact and professional practice.

Israel Innovation Awards 2018 edition

The project won the first prize in the 2018 Israel Innovation Awards contest. This recognition made it possible to promote technological cooperation between INCLODE and entrepreneurs from different countries, through initiatives aimed at the international market based on Israel’s technological innovation ecosystem.

Sello Buen Diseño

INCLODE has obtained a Argentine Good Design Hallmark. AGDH is an official distinction awarded by the Ministry of Production to products that outstand for their innovation and design quality. INCLODE obtain a double Hallmark both in brand design and industrial product.