Competitive Advantages

ACCESS technology

It obtains a copy of the intact skin before the incision is made

Quick and standardized closing
It repairs the skin precisely and autonomously

Controlled healing
It reduces the tension on wound edges and maintains a regulated microenvironment

Competitive Advantages


ACCESS devices obtain an accurate copy of the skin before the incision is made and are able to reconstruct tissues in an autonomous and cosmetic way

Competitive Advantages

ON-OFF type closure

It allows, a mechanical, safe and standardized closing. Its use requires minimal training to achieve consistent results.

Competitive Advantages

Controlled healing

It protects the wound from contamination and maintains adequate moisture. It disperses the tension from the wound edges towards the surrounding skin surface. It adapts to the patient’s movements without the discomfort associated with sutures.

Comfort for the patient

Minimally invasive

INCLODE ACCESS devices close the wound without piercing the skin.

Homy & Painless

It does not require replacement of dressings, allows the usual hygiene of the patient and avoids postoperative discomfort.

Cosmetic result

It prevents hypertrophic scarring and avoids suture cross-hatching.

Practicality for the professional

ON-OFF type closure

It allows an immediate, mechanical, standardized, safe and reliable closing.

Safe procedure

It prevents needle-stick injuries associated with skin suturing.

Easy inspection

Direct wound monitoring without use of dressings.

Savings for Institutions

Minimal training

Quick learning technique. Requires minimal experience to achieve optimal results.

Lower operating costs

Remote wound monitoring. The device can be removed by the patient at home.

Simplified follow-up

Remote wound monitoring. The device can be removed by the patient at home.


The ACCESS technology was designed to achieve a precise and non-invasive closure of surgical incisions. The device is applied to the skin before making the incision to obtain a copy of the intact skin that will be reproduced when the wound is closed.

Product family

Intended for incisions and superficial skin closures in open and minimally invasive surgeries.

Intended for the closure of laparoscopic incisions

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Intended for the closure of open surgery incisions

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Survey of Technology Acceptance
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Instructions for use
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Intellectual property

AR: P180101804
US: 11051816
EU: 19020397


Incision and closure surgical device containing a guide for cutting instruments and a sutureless wound closure mechanism. A stick-to-skin tape has a central slit whose edges are reinforced by two strips that delimit a central incision groove. A removable central partition maintains a constant separation between the elastomeric strips before making the incision. A series of transverse conduits pass through the elastomeric strips and serve for drainage of the wound and for coupling the closing mechanism of the device. At the conclusion of the surgery, a removable pressure or magnetic closure comprises two bilateral flexible strips that are hooked together to approximate the elastomeric strips while facing the edges of the underlying wound. A complementary removable adapter element for laparoscopic surgery serves as a support for a trocar and as a gas containment valve. Another complementary removable adapter element serves as an ogive-shaped cutting guide for cutaneous excisional surgery.